Saturday, May 23, 2009

Thursday and Friday


For breakfast I had a fruit salad. I put strawberries and chopped apples in a bowl with fruit dip.

Next, we slathered on some tanning lotion and went out to water the garden and hang out there.

For lunch a REALLLLY good tilapia, orange bell pepper, roma tomato on a whole wheat tortilla. Gosh it was the BEST!

For supper I fixed the most delicious pizza on layers phyllo dough. It was pepperoni, basil, feta cheese, & garlic. Joel said he liked it better than Ruth's Chris Steakhouse and Suishi Hana..his two favorite restaurants! :)

I didin't take pictures of food because I barely ate anything.

For breakfast/lunch I had a bite of Avery's peanut butter and honey & a glass of champagne.
It was a pretty slow day. We ran some errands...went to the bank, the post office, made some phone calls, and got in touch with UGA. We then came home and started to pack a little bit more. I packed enough that I ran out of boxes. Where did you guys get your boxes?
Came home put Avery down for a nap. Cleaned up. Went out to the clinic and helped my dad fix his driving shaft on his truck for a while then went home got ready for bed and ate some animal crackers with Avery and put her to bed.

Then Joel finally got home and we made protein shakes. I had TWO BIIIIIIIIG ONES & watched Seven Pounds. Good movie!!

I am getting ready to go out and water the garden now. I will take new pictures of it :)

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  1. Great pics! love your food pics- i'm so bad at taking those. :( I want to see seven pounds!!