Saturday, May 30, 2009

Thursday and Fridaaaay!


I had made an oatmeal breakfast cookie for my huuuusband, Avery J, and myself. Avery and I ate our's right away yummmmmmmmmmmm. And then spent a lot of time playing by the vegetable garden and watering it.

We came back home and fixed us a fruit snack! By the way: I LOVE FRUIT.

I went for a run that night. It was sooo pretty! It was getting ready to rain so the clouds were turning dark but the sky was still as blue as ever.

These flowers were placed randomly on the sides of the road and I could actually smell each one of them as I ran past.

Then I came home and had tilapia, bell peppers & roma tomatoes on a whole wheat wrap and a side of....APPLES!


Yesterday was a REALLy good day!! We went fishing in one of my parent's ponds! We couldn't believe how many bass there were in it. We caught about 20 fish, but most of them were little babies that we threw back..but it was still soo much fun. I am so impatient about fishing so it made it way more fun!

I had a snack of bell peppers and cheese on whole wheat tilapia and then some carrot sticks before we left to go fishing.

Here is my fish:

Here is my husband's fish...he's a WHOPPER! :)

And here is my bass and cheese on whole wheat wrap!


  1. That bowl of fruit looks delicious! I loooove fruit. I love it so much sometimes I think I over do it a little! :-)

  2. Looks like fun! Your fish is sooo big! It looks beautiful there, I miss the country! :(