Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ain't no rhyme or reason...

Okie Dokie!
I will give you a recap of yesterday from where I left off...
Avery woke up from her nap and we ran back out to my garden spot and watered the garden. I can't believe how much everything is GROWING!! It looks so good. I am super excited to be able to pick my vegetables and fix good food with them!
Here is a picture of the garden. I couldn't fit the whole thing in the picture, but this will do ( I will show you more pictures of the other vegetables soon).
The spinach is defintely my favorite right now because it looks so healthy.
Here is a picture of the baby tomatoes sprouting. I also have potted tomatoes at the house that I need to get planted. I am super excited for the tomatoes. I have heard tomatoes are really hard to grow so I am hoping I can handle it. Who knows!!!!!
After we watered the vegetables we headed back into town and started getting ready for Rani's kindergarten graduation. I admit I had two lemon drop cookies to hold me over during the graduation! :)
The kindergarten graduation was soooo cute. They sang songs (one was "I Believe I Can Fly" it was SO cute and funny!). We got back home around 8:00...just about the time that Joel finallly got off of work. He was dead tired from working a 14 hour day so I made him and Avery supper and then made myself something. I had the seafood salad wrapped in one whole wheat tortilla. It was really good!
Now for today:
Avery and I woke up and ran out to the clinic to work cattle and mow for about 5 hours...exercise?? :) I had a couple bites of Avery's banana and a handful of animal crackers for breakfast.
Avery, my mom and me just got back from lunch. We went to the Health Food Store again for lunch and I had a DELICIOUS wrap!!!! It was turkey, tomato, avocado, Vegenaise, & lettuce rolled up into an herb wrap. The herb wrap was so good..I could taste the mint and basil in it.
I am planning on filling up on water this afternoon and then for supper Avery and I are going to the church to eat with my Grandma, Mom and sister (& Buzz Juhans Sr.) Every group attending is bringing a salad and I am going to make our salad. I am planning on making a fruit salad. It will have strawberries, apples, blueberries, blackberries and low fat fruit dip. It is soooooo good and HEALTHY!! Maybe I will eat the whole bowl because it is my FAVORITE! Thats about all for now. I will take some more pictures.

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