Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sorry it took me so long! Its been really hard lately to find time to exercise. We accepted an offer on our house about a week ago so now we have to find a house asap to move into FAST! I have been busy looking at houses and packing and working on the our apartment that burnt.
But yesterday I ate-
Fresh eggs from the farmer's market for breakfast...they were soooo good.
I had a peanut butter banana smoothie that ALWAYS fills me up and makes me feel energetic.
For lunch I put grilled tilapia and sliced Roma tomatoes in between two pieces of lettuce. It was REALLy good.
And then I had Peanut butter & honey and a little bit of ice cream for supper.
I wasn't able to "workout" but I will count working cattle for 5 hours my workout! Since I move around the whole time without taking a break and walk them to their pens and bend and twist. I feel like it should count because my muscles sometimes are sore the next morning.

This morning I only had a banana because I had to hurry out to the clinic and I just got home so I haven't had a chance to eat lunch. But today I worked cattle again for 5 hours and I was going to go on a walk but it started lightening and thundering and raining so I will put that off until it clears up. Maybe I will just HIT THE OLE ELLIPTICAL tonight! :) \
Blogging really helps me want to stick to eating healthy!!

How is the race to find a home going for you all?? Have you guys heard anymore about Olive Garden or what you have decided?
Okay I know this isn't a great post because I didn't post my pictures like I promised but I will try to next time.
See YA!


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