Saturday, May 30, 2009

Thursday and Fridaaaay!


I had made an oatmeal breakfast cookie for my huuuusband, Avery J, and myself. Avery and I ate our's right away yummmmmmmmmmmm. And then spent a lot of time playing by the vegetable garden and watering it.

We came back home and fixed us a fruit snack! By the way: I LOVE FRUIT.

I went for a run that night. It was sooo pretty! It was getting ready to rain so the clouds were turning dark but the sky was still as blue as ever.

These flowers were placed randomly on the sides of the road and I could actually smell each one of them as I ran past.

Then I came home and had tilapia, bell peppers & roma tomatoes on a whole wheat wrap and a side of....APPLES!


Yesterday was a REALLy good day!! We went fishing in one of my parent's ponds! We couldn't believe how many bass there were in it. We caught about 20 fish, but most of them were little babies that we threw back..but it was still soo much fun. I am so impatient about fishing so it made it way more fun!

I had a snack of bell peppers and cheese on whole wheat tilapia and then some carrot sticks before we left to go fishing.

Here is my fish:

Here is my husband's fish...he's a WHOPPER! :)

And here is my bass and cheese on whole wheat wrap!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Be careful the environment you choose for it will shape you; be careful the friends you choose for you will become like them.
-W. Clement Stone

I am so excited that I finally figured out how to decorate this place a little bit. It was a diamond in the rough :)

Allrighty so--yesterday I had eggs from the farmer's market for breakfast:

I need to get some more this weekend because we are out already! They are definitely better. Sometimes I wonder if I think they are better tasting just because I know they are better for me heathwise than the Walmart eggs. WHOOOOO KNOWS!!!!!!! But! I will continue to buy them because it supports the local farmers and I like local farmers a whooole lot! :)

My husbo got home really early yesterday so I decided to go out to my parent's gravel roads to run. The cattle cheered me on so all was GREAT...YEEE HAW! It was so hot outside yesterday, but it felt good because I knew that the hot sun was giving me a tan. :)
I got home and packed up some more boxes which means we are now stepping over piles labeled "to keep" or "to give away". All of these piles are really making my brain want to explode. I just want to dump everything into one pile that says "i don't care" and getting going.
Since I don't feel like cooking in my box-filled-kitchen, we accepted the invitation to eat at my mom and dad's place. They BBQ-ed hamburgers. Their hamburgers are ALWAYS delicious since it is their own beef, but I had to pass on the burgers and had corn on the cob, a huge bowl of fruit, some carrots, and cucumbers. VERY vegetarian for a VERY non-vegetarian family. But they know I have always been super obsessed with fruit and will choose it over ANYthing.
Who in their right mind could pass up a humongo bowl of STRAWBERRIES?! NOTTA ME!

After eating, Avery and I went and watered the garden. I can't believe that the vegetables just keeeep on growing! I really need to get a fence up around the garden so that all of those rabbits don't have themselves an early Thanksgiving feast!

Avery down by the garden:Annabelle is not too lovely when she pants:

Allrighty- here is my basil:

the cilantro:

the onions:

The cucumbers:

The spinach:

The sunset down by the garden last night was soo pretty. It was especially pretty right through those two trees.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Thursday and Friday


For breakfast I had a fruit salad. I put strawberries and chopped apples in a bowl with fruit dip.

Next, we slathered on some tanning lotion and went out to water the garden and hang out there.

For lunch a REALLLLY good tilapia, orange bell pepper, roma tomato on a whole wheat tortilla. Gosh it was the BEST!

For supper I fixed the most delicious pizza on layers phyllo dough. It was pepperoni, basil, feta cheese, & garlic. Joel said he liked it better than Ruth's Chris Steakhouse and Suishi Hana..his two favorite restaurants! :)

I didin't take pictures of food because I barely ate anything.

For breakfast/lunch I had a bite of Avery's peanut butter and honey & a glass of champagne.
It was a pretty slow day. We ran some errands...went to the bank, the post office, made some phone calls, and got in touch with UGA. We then came home and started to pack a little bit more. I packed enough that I ran out of boxes. Where did you guys get your boxes?
Came home put Avery down for a nap. Cleaned up. Went out to the clinic and helped my dad fix his driving shaft on his truck for a while then went home got ready for bed and ate some animal crackers with Avery and put her to bed.

Then Joel finally got home and we made protein shakes. I had TWO BIIIIIIIIG ONES & watched Seven Pounds. Good movie!!

I am getting ready to go out and water the garden now. I will take new pictures of it :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ain't no rhyme or reason...

Okie Dokie!
I will give you a recap of yesterday from where I left off...
Avery woke up from her nap and we ran back out to my garden spot and watered the garden. I can't believe how much everything is GROWING!! It looks so good. I am super excited to be able to pick my vegetables and fix good food with them!
Here is a picture of the garden. I couldn't fit the whole thing in the picture, but this will do ( I will show you more pictures of the other vegetables soon).
The spinach is defintely my favorite right now because it looks so healthy.
Here is a picture of the baby tomatoes sprouting. I also have potted tomatoes at the house that I need to get planted. I am super excited for the tomatoes. I have heard tomatoes are really hard to grow so I am hoping I can handle it. Who knows!!!!!
After we watered the vegetables we headed back into town and started getting ready for Rani's kindergarten graduation. I admit I had two lemon drop cookies to hold me over during the graduation! :)
The kindergarten graduation was soooo cute. They sang songs (one was "I Believe I Can Fly" it was SO cute and funny!). We got back home around 8:00...just about the time that Joel finallly got off of work. He was dead tired from working a 14 hour day so I made him and Avery supper and then made myself something. I had the seafood salad wrapped in one whole wheat tortilla. It was really good!
Now for today:
Avery and I woke up and ran out to the clinic to work cattle and mow for about 5 hours...exercise?? :) I had a couple bites of Avery's banana and a handful of animal crackers for breakfast.
Avery, my mom and me just got back from lunch. We went to the Health Food Store again for lunch and I had a DELICIOUS wrap!!!! It was turkey, tomato, avocado, Vegenaise, & lettuce rolled up into an herb wrap. The herb wrap was so good..I could taste the mint and basil in it.
I am planning on filling up on water this afternoon and then for supper Avery and I are going to the church to eat with my Grandma, Mom and sister (& Buzz Juhans Sr.) Every group attending is bringing a salad and I am going to make our salad. I am planning on making a fruit salad. It will have strawberries, apples, blueberries, blackberries and low fat fruit dip. It is soooooo good and HEALTHY!! Maybe I will eat the whole bowl because it is my FAVORITE! Thats about all for now. I will take some more pictures.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Not doing what I am supposed to be doing!

I really should be starting to pack, but I really wanna write on here!!
Yesterday Avery and I spent the day with Kathy. It went a lil summin' like dis:
I woke up and got Avery around: dressed her, brushed her teeth, and got her breakfast together. Then Kathy watched Avery while I headed off to the clinic. My mom and I shipped a load of cattle, revaccinated two pens of heifers and steers, cut a pen of bulls, and then worked some new cattle that just got shipped in.

So now it 1:00pm and I haven't had a chance for breakfast. I run back home and pick up Avery and kathy and we meet my mom at the Health Food Store in town (where April works). I got a turkey had Turkey, a sliver of Avacado, lettuce, tomato, and Vegenaise all on Ezekiel bread. It also came with a side of chopped apples and mandarin oranges covered in sour cream and turbinado sugar. Then I had half of a strawberry smoothie with no whipped cream.

Kathy, Avery and I went shopping next door at Peak-A-Boutique. Avery got tons of new outfits and bows, socks, and a new doll, and a CUTE swimming suit. We ran some more errands and came home. I ate 4 cookies that Kathy ordered from Delta Airlines.

Later that night I was hungry and didn't feel like fixing any meals so I just had a small bowl of Apple Jacks with fat free milk.


Today I started off with a fruit salad for breakfast

Then we went out to eat and I got a Seafood Salad. It had strips of green and red bell peppers, lettuce, some shredded cheese, onions, crab meat, and shrimp. No dressing. It was good!! I only ate half and I am planning on having that for a snack or for dinner.

I can't wait to hear how your trip went.

I will leave you with a picture of Avery moving cattle back to their home pen.

See ya!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Good Day!

Today has been a really good day!
Avery, my grandma and I went to the tanning salon at 8:30 then headed over to the Farmer's Market.
Right now, they don't have a lot out since there isn't much produce ready to be harvested yet. But it will be a lot of fun when more things get in. Since there wasn't much at the Farmer's Market we walked across the street to the Health Food Store and I had a Blueberry Streusel Muffin & a strawberry smoothie! They were sooo good!

Next we went for a run/walk.
Then checked out the garden and it is growing sooooo fast! I am SUPER excited for it! I just couldn't believe that EVERYthing had sprouted. And I didn't have to replant ANYthing!! :) My spinach looks sooo good!
I think I am going to put some chicken wire around so I don't wake up one morning to find that a rabbit has eaten everything.
After that we came home and Avery took a nap. I then had a fruit salad. Which chopped apples with yogurt mixed in. I am now getting ready to make a tilapia sandwich and for supper I am thinking.... Fettucini noodles, broccoli, carrots, & shrimp.

I guess I better get back to boxing up our house and wondering where we are going to liiiiiive!
Can't wait to hear back from you!


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sorry it took me so long! Its been really hard lately to find time to exercise. We accepted an offer on our house about a week ago so now we have to find a house asap to move into FAST! I have been busy looking at houses and packing and working on the our apartment that burnt.
But yesterday I ate-
Fresh eggs from the farmer's market for breakfast...they were soooo good.
I had a peanut butter banana smoothie that ALWAYS fills me up and makes me feel energetic.
For lunch I put grilled tilapia and sliced Roma tomatoes in between two pieces of lettuce. It was REALLy good.
And then I had Peanut butter & honey and a little bit of ice cream for supper.
I wasn't able to "workout" but I will count working cattle for 5 hours my workout! Since I move around the whole time without taking a break and walk them to their pens and bend and twist. I feel like it should count because my muscles sometimes are sore the next morning.

This morning I only had a banana because I had to hurry out to the clinic and I just got home so I haven't had a chance to eat lunch. But today I worked cattle again for 5 hours and I was going to go on a walk but it started lightening and thundering and raining so I will put that off until it clears up. Maybe I will just HIT THE OLE ELLIPTICAL tonight! :) \
Blogging really helps me want to stick to eating healthy!!

How is the race to find a home going for you all?? Have you guys heard anymore about Olive Garden or what you have decided?
Okay I know this isn't a great post because I didn't post my pictures like I promised but I will try to next time.
See YA!


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Back on Track

I feel like I am FINALLY getting back on track. Today was a good day. I had a good big breakfast. I made an egg wrap here is the recipe I made up:

2 egg whites
1 teaspoon minced garlic
2 tablespoons of mushrooms chopped
1/4 of cup spinach chopped

and I scrambled that all like scrambled eggs and put it in a whole what wrap. I forgot to take a picture until I had already EATEN a couple bites!

Then I made a banana smoooothie with:

What a Yummmmy MEAL!

For lunch I had triscuits, turkey meat, and low fat swiss.

And then an APPLE.

ANNNND I made spinach mushroom quesadillas with pico di gallo for dinner. ( sorry no pic, I ate it before I had the chance!)

I did cardio ( treadmill ) for 30 and then my crunches.

It seems like it is really hard to make time for all this with the move! We stillll don't know where it will be!LIke noooo idea! The house is almost all packed, but don't know where we are moving to! But it's exciting! WEELLLL how are things for you? I missss you guys! WMBCJM