Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Be careful the environment you choose for it will shape you; be careful the friends you choose for you will become like them.
-W. Clement Stone

I am so excited that I finally figured out how to decorate this place a little bit. It was a diamond in the rough :)

Allrighty so--yesterday I had eggs from the farmer's market for breakfast:

I need to get some more this weekend because we are out already! They are definitely better. Sometimes I wonder if I think they are better tasting just because I know they are better for me heathwise than the Walmart eggs. WHOOOOO KNOWS!!!!!!! But! I will continue to buy them because it supports the local farmers and I like local farmers a whooole lot! :)

My husbo got home really early yesterday so I decided to go out to my parent's gravel roads to run. The cattle cheered me on so all was GREAT...YEEE HAW! It was so hot outside yesterday, but it felt good because I knew that the hot sun was giving me a tan. :)
I got home and packed up some more boxes which means we are now stepping over piles labeled "to keep" or "to give away". All of these piles are really making my brain want to explode. I just want to dump everything into one pile that says "i don't care" and getting going.
Since I don't feel like cooking in my box-filled-kitchen, we accepted the invitation to eat at my mom and dad's place. They BBQ-ed hamburgers. Their hamburgers are ALWAYS delicious since it is their own beef, but I had to pass on the burgers and had corn on the cob, a huge bowl of fruit, some carrots, and cucumbers. VERY vegetarian for a VERY non-vegetarian family. But they know I have always been super obsessed with fruit and will choose it over ANYthing.
Who in their right mind could pass up a humongo bowl of STRAWBERRIES?! NOTTA ME!

After eating, Avery and I went and watered the garden. I can't believe that the vegetables just keeeep on growing! I really need to get a fence up around the garden so that all of those rabbits don't have themselves an early Thanksgiving feast!

Avery down by the garden:Annabelle is not too lovely when she pants:

Allrighty- here is my basil:

the cilantro:

the onions:

The cucumbers:

The spinach:

The sunset down by the garden last night was soo pretty. It was especially pretty right through those two trees.

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  1. Hi Casey! Thanks for checking out my blog! I replied to your comment on my blog. The 30 Day Shred is a great workout for moms like us who don't have a lot of time. :-)