Wednesday, March 18, 2009

wah-wah-wah WORKIN for the weekend!

Is that a song? haha- I feel like it is.
I think we are FINALLY getting the hang of this blog.
So last night I worked out for about 30 minutes again. It was the same old workout. 15 on the elliptical and 15 strength. You think that is okay or should I be doing more? I am doing seven days a week and I figured out on that I need to burn 560 calories a week to lose 20 pounds in two months. But I figured out on sparkpeople that if I work out 7 days a week then I will be burning 1500 cals a week. Is that too much...I mean will I not get the right results? Because sparkpeople says I am burning almost 300 day with my exercise.
Also, I know you are suppose to mix up your exercise routine. So I am not quite sure what I am going to do next month for my new exercise routine, but I guess I will worry about that later.

Okay so I am thinking this for the weekend, Kelli.
11:30: Meet in T-Town at whole foods & browse..maybe even grab a bite to eat there.
Here is the flyer that lists all of the specials for this week.
* Head over to Purple Glaze for awhile and do our thaaaaaaaaang! I always want to call it Purple Haze..because of the Jimmi Hendrix song.
* Head the mall to find clothes...if we have time
*Check in to Hotel & get ready!
*Go eat at In the Raw and eat suishi! I already looked at the menu and know what I am going to get! :)
*Go back to hotel and make drinks while waiting on cab!
I am sooooooo excited! It'll be perfecto!

OH AND DO NOT FORGET TO BRING YOUR CAMERA! I still cannot find my charger and my battery is dead. I will turn the house upside down these next few days to find it.

You really need to get on here girlfrrrrrrrrrrrrrriend!
Seeeeeeeya ♥ are you jealous that I learned how to put those hearts?

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