Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring is in the air!

I love this time of year! For some reason it makes me want to be really healthy! Most likely because I know swimsuit season is around the corner. I am gonna post about yesterday bc I never got the chance!

Yesterday I had the awesome wonderful breakfast cookie! I made mine with bananas and it was soooo good! For lunch I had the pita with hummus and swiss. ( I'm not savvy with those hyperlinks so I am just gonna hope you know what I'm talking about!) I added spinach and it was yum!

Snack was apple with peanut putter and it really filled me up. SO I just had a handful of dried cherries later in the evening.

I went on a run/jog/walk around boomer lake this afternoon, with layla. I made it all the way around ( 3 miles) but I am not gonna lie it was mostly jogging and walking. :) It was fun though bc it was so nice. I am gonna try it again today, hopefully with more running.


WELP I'm outtie!

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