Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Starting off....

I got really off track when I went to the Bridal Shower. I barely ate anything that day and then the next day I was so hungry and had some of the chocolate. I ended up throwing the rest of it away. I got back on track, as far as, exercising goes..yesterday. Yesterday I did the elliptical for 5 minutes or longer (until my heart rate got up) then would stop, do crunches, and use the band to do arm work- then I would get back on and do the same three other times. So I worked out for 30 minutes. Today I am back on track as far as eating healthy. Today Avery and I went out and walked a mile, I did housework, then shared a bunch of grapes with Avery for my breakfast and her snack. I had water to drink and then just ate my lunch an hour ago. I had fresh green lettuce, sliced roma tomatoes, 1 cubed inch of feta sprinkled over and then a tsp. of EVOO.
This is probably really boring to read like this. So, do you suggest uploading pictures from our phones on here or how should we do this?

Let's atleast keep track of our food and exercise. I went to http://www.sparkpeople.com/ and filled out an account. It says that in 2 months I could lose 20 pounds and it tells me how many cals, carbs, protein, and fat per day and week and then how many cals to workout.

I found that if I listen to certain music then it really helps me want to workout longer. One of my reasons for wanting to workout is because I want to always be fit no matter what age.

Okay here are some recipes I found that I am wanting to make this week sometime:
--Spaghetti Squash..I already bought the squash- so I really DO have to make it- I am defintely going to modify it and make it a little simpler though.
--veggie burger

Okay and lastly..you HAVE to do what I am about to tell you! Remember me telling you about the breakfast cookie? Or did I tell my mom? Well anyway here is a breakfast cookie that I found circulating all of the blogs we have been reading. It is the best thing EVER. But at first, I thought I can't make it because it calls for Almond Butter and I don't have any. Well then i realized I could probably make it and it was soooooooooooooo simple! So here is the recipe for the almond butter- only takes 3 ingredients! You really need to make it because it DELICIOUS, it fills you up BIG time, and it is super EASY!

Okie doke. We need to subscribe to some heath mags to stay motivated. But I really think this should help, too.

♥See ya! ♥

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