Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I FINALLY HAVE THE CHANCE TO WRITE! That stomach flu wore me plum out! :) I am not going to count yesterday bc all I had was gatorade and a banana bc I was sick, so I will start with today!!
I was still queasy so for breakfast I had a smoothie from smoothie king without sugar. I think it was 250 calories and had fresh fruit, so not tooooo bad. Lunch was a lean cuisine and a banana. ( I know not too creative!). Dinner was better I had a spinach salad with low fat feta, cranberries, almonds, evoo, and a splash of vinegar, with grilled chicken breast. It was yummmmmmy!
Working out has been bad! I have gotten off schedule being sick! All I did was my morning crunches.
Tomorrow will better!
Tonite I am going to try to make the alnond butter cookies, I am excited! I went shopping tonight too and got tons of fruits, veggies, and healthy stuff, so I am excited!

Can't wait for our girls weekend, will be a ball!

Call me tomorrow when your free!

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